Is it Legitimate?

Learning to avoid fraud

What is Fraud?

Fraud is the intended deceit of others towards you to profit themselves from the information or money that you obliviously give them.

How Can it Happen?

Fraud can happen in many circumstances. One way it could happen is through advertisement or spam. People could be trying to get you to buy a product that does not exist, or telling you that you have won a prize, and all you need to do is send back some information and you can claim it. Another thing fraud can be disguised as is an offer. You could get an email saying that you could get paid for doing some kind of job, and you don't even have to go anywhere; it is doable at home. Once you give your personal information to this generous mystery person, you will find that there never was a job. All of these are ways that fraud is accomplished, and they could all result in identity theft, lost money, and lost time.

Detecting and Avoiding Fraud

Fraud can be easily avoided by detecting when you receive emails or notices that cannot be trusted. One of the easiest things is to do nothing; when you get an email advertising a sketchy product just delete it. Make sure you do not respond to emails such as the ones mentioned above, it will just let the people on the other side know that it is a valid email address, and they will keep trying to get you. Another great way to avoid getting into sticky situations with fake emails is to research the company or source of the product that you want, so you can validate whether it is from a trustworthy company.