My Poems

By: Michelle

Chittering Monkey-Haiku

Chittering monkey,

Climbs up into the treetops,

And thinks himself tall.

The Way Home

The stars guide my way home.

The mountain tells me where I am.

My campfire looks at me with anger.

The rain dances across my face putting the fire out too.

The sun remembers what time it is. The moon slowly follows the sun past the horizon.

Oh, my shoes!

I got gum on my shoe.

I got jollyranchers too.

My shoes are very sticky.

The candys very icky.

Wow thats so, eww.


Dani did difficult dishes.

Dirty dishes didn't deny,

Dani did dishes right.


Dripping icing on a pastry.

A dessert that's very tasty.

Super Duper sizzling,

And coffee with espresso of 1 shot.

Cream-filled jelly-filled,

pyramid stacked so that their hilled.

To make it more filling have the hole petite,

Precisely in the middle and complete.

Flavors of chocolate,coffee,

Caramel vanilla and toffee.

Elegant shiny icing.

Colorful sprinkled toppings.

Strong glorious scent,

Fresh from the oven.

Highly risen yeast,

Unhealthyness thought of the least.

Such a sugary delight,

It's such a gorgeous sight.

Deep rich flavor,

In your mouth you savor.

Outside At Night

What's going on.

All my courage is gone.

i'm outside at night.

There's not a thing in sight.

I can't hear a sound.

Maybe I'll just feel around.

My heart was beating quickly.

Life for me would not go by swiftly.

Nothing was easy.

I eventually got tired and weezy.

I slept for a few hours,

Dreaming I had super powers.

A day went by where I had no water or food.

Suddenly, I mulged to a happy mood.

I could finally see.

I picked an orange from a tree.

I shoved my face in it.

The sour taste gave me a fit.

Searching hard I looked for more juice to suck,

But I was out of luck.

Saturdays-Similes & Metaphors

In the morning I woke to the smell of coffee brewing.

I waited a long time till I actually got up because I could sleep in.

My bed was the soft fluffy marshmallows.

The dog,Chocolate Chip was the nice warm chocolate.

I was the thin grahms holding them together.

When I had a dog and some blankets it was comfy.

At about 10:00 I got out of bed.

I snuck past my Mom and started playing video games.

She came to me and said " are your chores done?"

The chores were simple,

Just feed and water the dog and cats.

It was easier than a piece of cake.

After my piece of cake I got back to my game.

The screen was the rising sun blaring into my eyes.

In the game I was as awesome as the star of the show.

My endurance medals went by as quickly as counting by 2's.

Later in the game I was killed by Darth Sideous.

This made me angrier than a hornet.Eventually I got a kill on him too.

When the map was over my brother told me what he noticed.

He found with me that Darth Sideous had 21 deaths.

This made us laugh like hyenas.

My breakfast was chocolate chocolate chip pancakes & bacon.

The pancakes were as flavorful as candy.

The bacon was as crispy as lettuce.

This wonderful meal made me happier than a purring cat.

Then I went outside to throw my knives.

It was more fun than flinging a rubberband.
Soon night came and I had to go inside.

My teeth were as minty as eucaliptus leaves after brushing my teeth.

After brushing my hair it was as smooth as yogurt.

When I went to bed I slept like a baby.