Julia Calzada

Floresville, Texas

Looking for a nice, quiet, safe, and fun place for a great family vacation? Floresville should be the first thing to come to mind. Located just south of Texas, Floresville has lots of amazing features. This small, happy, and heart warming town, will always brings a smile to your face. Small populated with nice, friendly people, Floresville is filled with joy. It is a town of very great pride.

Such a Loving Town

Floresville is quiet, and relaxing. Its the total opposite from big loud cities like San Antonio, or New York..Floresville is peaceful, small, not always busy, and not loud. Its a very causual and peaceful place to be.

Floresville Peacan Park

The Floresville Peacan Park, is fun, safe, and stable for children to play, and run wildly free. Its covered with tons onf big giant shadey peacan trees. In the spring, its a tradition for families to make a point to go and visit the park and pick the ripe peacans from the trees, and share them with your family, make a fantistic peacan pie, or a batch of soft banana peacan bread. This park also has nice, and clean outdoor restrooms availible for visitors anytime.

Floresville City Pool

The Floresville City Pool, is great for summer, and for pool parties. Including a consession stand with lots of goodies and yummy snacks. With benches, coverd in shade, perfect for tanning, safe diving board, the pool is great for swimming. Safe with trusted trained lifeguards, who will come to your rescue anytime. Oh yeah, and be sure to wear your favorite swimsuit because those lifeguards are very good looking :)

Floresville Tigers

The Floresville football team, The Tigers, are such a great team! They win almost every game by working hard, practicing, and doing their best all the time. Experience the pride, experience the heat, experience the energy, of a Floresville Tigers football game. I once was cheerleader for the Floreville Little League football team, The Cubs. It was so much fun and exciting! Maroon & White, We Fight Fight Fight!


Enjoy the blissful, amazing weathre in Floresville. Like Hersey's Kisses melting gracefully on your tounge. The sun kissed weather in summer, is so warm and breezy but lots of bright hot sun. The cold, icey winter,is like a mint refreshing your taste buds.

American Legion Park

just east of downtown Floresville, is the American Legion Park. It has a tennis court with a tall fence lining the perimeter. Also including a full size basketball court to play some b-ball, and feel the action, like a real basketball game.

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