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Let's Meet the Team!!

Computer Mrs. Barrett

Art Ms. Sombrio

Music Ms. Messersmith

PE Coach Fleck

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Required CAMP Attire for PE and Music

PE and Music – Students will need to wear closed-toe shoes with no heels. They are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing as we are active in both Music and PE.


For the 6th Six Weeks, we will be focusing on field day activities and climbing Wall.

FIELD DAY is Friday, May 12th!!

Grading and Discipline

• Students will be graded on participation and conduct.

• Red Notes will be given to students who do not participate or are not showing proper Gideon behavior. They will be given as follow:

• Warning – No red note. The student is given a verbal warning and information is documented.

• 1st Offense – Red Note will be given to the student to be signed and returned the next day. Conduct grade lowered to S.

• 2nd Offense – Red Note will be given to student and parent contacted. Conduct grade lowered to N.

• 3rd Offense – Red Note will be given to the student. Parent and Teacher will have a meeting with Mrs. Charles or Mrs. Wachsmann. Conduct grade lowered to U.

• 4th Offense – Student will be sent to the office.

• Students who do not wear the proper clothing and shoes for Music/PE will be given a reminder note. Parents will be contacted and the student will be assigned other work for each subsequent time.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer in class or help with projects, programs, or after school clubs we would love to have your support. Contact your child’s teacher for a volunteer background check form. We must have a cleared background check on file before you are allowed to visit classrooms.

Supplies Needed!!!


We see over 500 students. We are in need of tissues and hand sanitizer.

Thank you!!


Click to see what's happening in Music Class.

6th Six Weeks in Music and Upcoming Events

School Event

  • Talent Show - May 18th
6:00-6:30 CAMP Showcase

6:30-8:00 Talent Show

Ukulele – We will be working on music for the talent show.

Kindergarten – We are continuing singing, keeping the beat, and creating patterns. We will begin our graduation music after spring break.

First Grade – We are singing, creating patterns, and dancing. We will begin reading duple meter patterns in music after spring break to prepare them for 2nd grade.

Second Grade – We are working on our concert music for this year. The students will accompany themselves on xylophones, drums, and other instruments.

Third Grade – We are learning to play the recorder. We have learned 2 songs and are working on a 3rd one. We will begin learning how to apply the recorder to written music after spring break.

Fourth Grade – Recorders are going home. We will learn to play 2 games first and then apply the pitches to written music.


Any gator who wants to use an art smock please wear it to the art room. You can bring it clean each week or leave it in your locker! It is best to wear a shirt a size too small than too large. Larger ones tend to end up in the project causing problems...YIKES!!

We are using the Element of Art = Form and Space and the Principles of Art = Balance during the fifth 6 weeks. We will continue to use the Elements of line, shape, color and texture in our projects.

Check out some of 3rd Grades sculptures in the library window!

Kinder and 4th Grades are creating a clay project that they will paint.

1st and 2nd grades are focusing on Symmetry.

MISD Annnual Art Show is begins May 1st with the reception on the May 4th

at the Center for The Performing Arts.

Sid Richardson Museum

Time: 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Place: Sid Richardson Museum
Registration: Required (click or scroll down to register)
Cost: Free
Ages: 6-12 and adult companion
Contact: at or 817.332.6554 if you have any questions.
Tech Site

Click to see what we are doing in Tech Class.

Google Drive

All of the 3rd and 4th Graders now all have google drive accounts. An informational flyer was sent home to show them how to access it at home. If you need another one, please let me know.

The 3rd and 4th Graders have now learned how to use google classroom. They are submitting work and receiving grades. Have them to take you to google classroom.

It's been a lot but I am so proud of our 3rd and 4th graders, they have really been working hard to learn how to use their google accounts. Keep up the excellent work.

6th Six Weeks in Technology

For the 6th Six Week, we will be reviewing many of the applications and skills that have been taught all year.

  • Kinder will continue to work in Microsoft Word.
  • 1st Grade will create posters using Publisher.
  • 2nd - 4th will create posters using Canva and stories using My Slide Show.
  • 3rd Grade will also be introduced to Robotics.

This has been a wonderful year of Tech Learning.

Have a Safe and Wonderful Summer!!