Mount Everest

29,029 feet

Fun Facts

  • Everest is 60 MILLION years old.
  • Mount Everest grows about a quarter of an inch every year.
  • Tepmatures can be -80F.
  • In Tibet they call Everest Chomolungma.
  • In 1999 it measured 29,035 Feet.
  • The first attemp was by a British expidition in 1921.
  • The first summit was May 29,1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary and a sherpa from Nepal.
  • Hillary Step is named after Sir Edmund Hillary.

Mount Everest


  • A Mountain Porter is also called a bearer.
  • Porters are still paid ,motorized transportation is available .
  • They will earn about 5 dollars per hour.
  • A bellhop (hotel Porter),Redcap (Railway Station Porter), Skycap (Airport Porter), and Bearear (Mountain Porter)

Life as a Zopa Sherpa

I have been to everest about 50 times. With Sunjo twice and peak once.
How Hard Is Climbing Everest?
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