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Build a lesson around these great books!

There are some excellent books in the media center that can help give lessons an extra boost! I will try to regularly highlight different books. If you would like to know if we have a book that could enhance your lessons, please check the catalog... or contact me. I am here to help you!

What's New?

Worldbook, Ebooks, Student Reviews....

Worldbook : We are in the process of purchasing Worldbook online. Worldbook is a great resource for our students. It should be used as an alternative to Google searching when they are looking for information online. The information is factual and written for their level. Please check it out! Username: americassl, Password: daisy

Right now we are working with a trial. Once it is paid for and set up, I will schedule some training sessions for the teachers and provide the permanent username and password.

Ebooks: We currently have some Follett and Mackin Ebooks in the catalog. They are very easy to access. Please try to view them. I personally think Mackin books read more like the typical ebook you would find on a kindle or nook.

Student Reviews: If your students have read a book that they liked (or didn't like), please encourage them to write a brief book review. These reviews can be posted on the library catalog and will enhance our library catalog and help other students make choices for leisure reading.