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From the desk of Beckie Webster

Thank you for keeping the focus on student learning:

How do you become a reflective educator? Thank you to Matthew Romero for sharing your parent survey that you used to gain feedback from your stakeholders. This is the 1st step to becoming a reflective educator as you make your way through the common/special cause data. This is a wonderful way for your parents to share their perception of your work and highlight the momments that have meant so much to their child. I found this article with the 6 ways to become a reflective teacher-check it out!

6 Steps

1. Understand your reasons for teaching

2. Cultivate ethical behavior in your students and yourself

3. Patience/Perserverance

4. Design curriculum that works

5. Perfect instructional practices and assessment skills

6. Connect positively to the whole-campus culture

Campus Vision

At Whitestone Elementary we are inspiring the leaders and thinkers of the future.

We didn't even call each other!