Ms. Craig's Classroom News

Week Three will be our best yet!

What's Going on in class?

In math, we will be having our first test on Friday covering Topics 1 and 2. Students will have a hot pink review guide coming home Thursday night to help them study. Tomorrow, we will be working on solving multi-step problems.

In reading with Mrs. King, the skill of the week is inferencing. In Social Studies, they will be exploring geographic location and investigating using some fun technology in the Learning Commons.

In science, we have been continuing work in how to make detailed observations and formulate a testable question. This week, we will start conducting some experiments to answer questions such as "how does flooding affect plant growth?", and "how does a cruise ship stay afloat in the ocean?".


Upcoming Events

9/10 PTA Meeting

9/11 Topic 1 and 2 Math Test

9/11 Spelling Pages 8, 9 and 10 due

10/16 Camp Forms Due

11/16-11/18 5th Grade Camp

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