By Jordi and Rubén

A Polar Bear doing cannibalism

A polar bear has seen eating another polar bear because the hunger caused by the shortage of preys due to the global warming.

A polar bear has seen eating another polar bear caused of the global warming.

The global warming is melting the ice and the seals are disappearing. This is causing that polar bears have to appeal to extreme resources to survive.

This melting, produced by the global warming, is killing a lot of species that live in the Arctic, and this is changing the food chain. This change is causing that seals have problems to reproduce, ergo the polar bears’ preys are disappearing and this causing the cannibalism.

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Species affected by the global warming

Some species are very affected by the global warming and are endangered by it, like koalas, penguins, and other animals.

For example, koala has been affected by the toxicity of the eucalyptus leaves, due to the amount of CO2 that they have absorbed.

Emperor penguins are affected too because the thickness of the ice layer is too thin to lay the eggs, and this is menacing the penguins’ reproduction.

The clown fish is affected by the acidity of the water due to the CO2 dissolution in the oceans. This is causing that these fish are losing the smelling sense, therefore, it is harder to find a shelter to survive far from the predators.

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