sarona market-delicious recognize!

Of gindi

come to the open of sarona market. will open at 1/2/2015 and you will be there

sarona market is the largest Culinary market in israel

at the market you wiil can to have fun from Cheeses, meats, fish, baked goods, wines, pastas, vegetables, fruits, sweets, organic products, ice cream shops, coffee, specialty delis, chef positions, bars, and more - everything you were dreamed of and even a little more.

the market Combines a lot of flavors:nostalgia and modren homemade and gourmet

The place was inspired by European and American markets, Between the leading and most modern in the world

by Gindi Holdings.

advising- yaron Kastenboim

will be Open seven days a week to the experience of buying and eating there

Sarona Market
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the market will be Adjusted for all the Population,the Prices will be adjusted also to the middle class

the Official opening of sarona market

Sunday, Feb. 1st, 8pm

3 Kalman St

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District

at the opening you will have Tasting from this heavn Called sarona market

a litel of the place...

Sarona market is built in at Sarona site, this location was a colony of the Templers (Devout Christians who came from South Germany, that were engaged in agriculture and small industry) established in 1871 and left their mark in Israel.

At World War I, the British expelled the Templers and built new houses with an international style.

At the outbreak of World War II, in September 1939, the British security forces turn the colony into a detention camp and its residents were expelled to Germany and Australia.
In World War II the site was turn into a military base of the British army.

In December 1947 the British hand over the Sarona site into Israelis hands,

after that David Ben Gurion changed the name from "Sarona" to "Kiryah" and the Government moved there when Jerusalem was under siege..

In 2000 the Government moved to the Yovel building.

In 2006 the government approved a conservation plan to 36 buildings, the buildings were styled like in the Templers time. The others buildings were destroyed. Five Buildings have been moved in a complex engineering project.

Sarona site is a cultural center shopping and leisure .

There is a visitor center that tells the story of this special place with all of his history.
The place is a national heritage site.