Stop Wasting Our Precious Water!

by Ebony Ballard

Did you know the pure, clean water that comes out of our taps actually comes from lakes, dams, the oceans and rivers? We use water A LOT. For showers, toilets, watering gardens, washing our hands, baths, wash dishes, washing clothes, leisure play, sprinklers, brushing teeth, drinking, making food and lots, lots more. All of our water is made by the water cycleJ

Wasting Water?!

Do you actually thing about how water we waste? Here is a lot of ways we waste water, washing cars on drive way, having 15 minute showers, leaving water on while brushing teeth, turning showers on while not in their to get the right temperature and putting sprinklers on in winter. People don’t take the time to recycle and reuse water and I think we need to make that a habit.

Waters Revenge is coming…

Imagine if you woke up in the morning and went to the toilet and it wouldn’t flush. Or if you went to play with your puppy outside and you’re entire garden was dead. Imagine if you went to get a cup of water and nothing came out of the tap? Would you like to be in a situation like that, because it seems like you do when you’re wasting all of that water?

You Can Do It!

If you want to stop wasting water this is what you do. Take 5 or under minute showers, wash vegetables in a container not under running water, plant plants that use not a lot of water. Also you can wash your car on the lawn, turn water off while washing hair, hand water your garden using water from your shower or use rainwater. So make sure you stop wasting water and think before you waste.

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