International Space Station!

Samantha Weinstein Date: March,11 2016

Why is The International Space Station Important?

The International Space is important because it involves 11countries. The station employs people from Canada, Japan, Russian Federation, United States, European Space Agency(Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK). The international Space Station (ISS) is used as home base for astronauts. The astronauts' study and research the planets and outer space.

Who is invovled?

Commander Scott Kelly

Sergey Volkov

Mikhail Kornienko

Timothy Kopra

Timothy Peake

Yuri Malenchenko

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Who are these people? What did they do prior to joining Team 46?

-Scott J. Kelly (Retired US Navy Captain)

-Sergey Volkov (Russian Cosmonaut and Engineer)

-Mikhail Kornienko (Russian Cosmonaut and Engineer)

-Timothy Kopra (Engineer and Colonel in the US Army)

-Timothy Peake (British Army Air Corps Officer)

-Yuri Ivanovich Malenchenko (Russian Cosmonaut-First person to marry in space on August 10th 2003)

How much longer will commander Scott Kelly be in space?

Scott Kelly went into space on a one year mission aboard the International Space Station on March 27th and is due to arrive back around the same time. He should be back within the next month as long as all runs smoothly. on Scotty kelly came bback on earth on March 2 2016
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Commander Scott Kelly Facts:

Commander Scott Kelly is currently in space. He has been in space for approximately 330 days. Scott Kelly was a veteran of three previous missions. Scott has a identical twin brother Mark. Scott and Mark Kelly were the first siblings to go in space. Scott received his education at The University of Tennessee.

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