Do's and Don'ts of Interview Attire

Men and Women's Formal Job Interview Dress

Men's Do's and Don'ts


  • Wear conservative colors only (Navy, gray,Tan)
  • Do wear solids when choosing a shirt, patterns can get distracting and look very busy, also they look cleaner
  • Shave and properly comb your hair


  • Avoid wearing black suits it is risky because it has a high possibility of looking washout, try staying more in the gray and tan area.
  • Stay away from wearing old suits that are not properly fit to your body type
  • don't try and mix match suits, get a whole suit rather then trying to fin bottom to go with a top.

Women's Do's and Don'ts

  • If you choose to wear jewelry and accessories remember its a chance to express yourself, but at the same time keep it professional. Think about wearing jewelry you can start a conversation about if complimented.
  • When wearing makeup natural colors are preferred (exceptions on some lip stick). Wear makeup that makes you feel your best, being comfortable and confident is important.
  • Wear nylons and shoes with low heels (1 or 2 inch)

  • No heavy eyeliner or glitzy eye-shadows, remember you want to be noticed not your makeup.
  • Stay away from wearing short skirts (above the knee) it does not look professional also avoid wearing tops that might show your stomach when you lift you head or arms
  • No see through garments or showing of cleavage

General Information/Overview

  • Keep fragrances to a minimum
  • Choose clothes that fit and flatter your body type
  • Keep hair clean, neat, cut, and styled in a professional manner


  • Stay away from power colors like red and orange (not talking lip stick)
  • avoid wearing sunglasses, eye contact is important
  • Try not showing body piercing