Team Bullard

Here's what's happening in the huddle...


Last week we read Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon by Pat Cummings. We focused on the following skills:

  • using sticky notes to record important words from the story
  • using a bookmark to record the sequence of events from the story
  • drawing a picture to record our favorite parts of the story

These skills and strategies introduced this week are intended to aid children in retelling a story in order with detail. This is a skill I encourage you to do at home as practice is necessary for success.


Three of our guided reading groups finished practicing their Readers' Theater scripts last week. This is our first attempt at embedding video into our newsletter, so please be patient...we will get better!


We began to work in unit 7 learning about:

  • rules or attributes of shapes (size, shape, color)
  • names of plane figures (2-dimensional shapes)

We also learned 2 new games to practice basic addition facts, BUMP and Tic-Tac-Throw.


Do you know what a radula is on a snail? Well, your first grader should! (It's similar to a tongue with sharp teeth on it.) This is just one example of the exciting information we are learning about living things.

Did you hear about our cricket escapee? Yes, he sang to us for a whole day in the classroom from under our heater.

We concluded our week by observing fish and identifying their gill covers, fins, eyes, mouths, and tails. It was very interesting to study their scales up close too!

FYI - Osbaldeston's Pets of the World donated crickets to our classroom for our observation lesson and they allowed us to borrow fish for the afternoon. Thank you Osbaldeston's!


We have a new student in our class. Please join me in welcoming Hailey Beck and her family to our classroom and the Gayman community!

Portfolio Conferences

Thank you to those of you who met with me yesterday. It was exciting to celebrate all your children have accomplished so far in first grade. I look forward to meeting with the rest of you next Thursday!

Parent Volunteer Schedule

On Monday, I will send home our final parent volunteer schedule for the year. We will begin the week of April 8th and finish volunteers at the end of May. If you have not been a volunteer and would like to be included on the schedule, please email me with a day of the week that is good for you from 9:30am - 10:30am to review skills with the kids one on one in the hallway. Thank you!

Items Needed

We are in need of a few items in our classroom. If you are able, please send in whatever you can to help us next week. We could use:

  • magazines to cut out pictures of animals and plants
  • Rold Gold brand pretzels (to replenish our supply of safe snacks for those who forget once in a while)


We have school on Monday, April 1st. THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE!