Peace Love Rock!

Danielle Warn

What is a Rock?

A Rock is composed of Mineral which contain crystals, a rock is defined by their texture and where it originated.


  • Form outside or inside a volcano
  • They are made from harden magma
  • Extrusive and intrusive


  • Heat and Pressure
  • Mountains, oceans etc...
  • Foliated and Nonfoliated


  • when sediments are compacted and cemented together
  • On earth's surface
  • Inorganic, Organic and Chemically



  • Formed Extrusive, fast cooling so the crystals are smaller
  • Fine & less then 1mm
  • Nonvesicular
  • In the middle between light and dark
  • 25% Amphibole 15% Biotite and 60% orthocrase


  • Inorganically formed
  • quartz, feldspar and clay minerals may contain fragments of other rocks and minerals
  • very fined grained


  • nonfoliated
  • fine grained
  • various minerals
  • contact with heat
  • various rocks changed by heat from nearby magma/lava

The Rock Cycle

Model showing how rocks and sediments change over time
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