The Scottsboro Boys Trial

By: McKaylie Hernandez

I know why the Scottsboro boys were on trial and if they actuallty commited the crime.

The Scottsboro Boys were on trial for raping two young white women in a train. They did not rape the two white women. I know that they didn't rape the two white women for many reasons. These reasons are the Scottsboro boys weren't on the same car as the two white women, the two women came up with the story of the Scottsboro boys raping them right after they were charged with vagrancy and with taking a minor across the state border for immoral purposes. Also, one of the Scottsboro boys was blind and another was so sick he couldn't stand up on his own. Lastly, one of the women openly denied that she or her friend had ever been raped.

The jury's reaction to the Scottsboro boys trial and Alabama's reaction to the Scottsboro boys trial.

Wednesday, March 25th 1931 at 9pm


The jury delayed many executions of the Scottsboro boy's trial. Judge James Horton overturned conviction of the jury and ordered a new trial. He ordered a new trial because the evidence presented didn't warrant conviction. Alabama's reaction to the trial was wanting the Scottsboro boys dead. A crowd of several hundred men showed up outside of the jail where the Scottsboro boys were, in hopes to see a good-old fashioned lynching. Alabama's governor had different plans because he ordered the National Guard to the Scottsboro jail to protect the Scottsboro boys.

I know how this trial is similar to Tom Robinson's trial in the book "To Kill A Mockingbird." I also know how it is different.

The Scottsboro boys trial is very similar to Tom Robinson's trial for many reasons. The reasons are it takes place in Alabama in the 1930's, they both charge rape of a white woman by a African man/men. Also, the threat of lynching the defendants, accusers in both were very poor, working-class women who charged rape to cover up other secrets. Lastly, Atticus and Judge James Horton both helped defend the African men on trial in defiance of their communities wished at a time of high feeling. The Scottsboro boys trial is different than Tom Robinson's because the Scottsboro boys have whole group of African men and there were two girls raped in the Scottsboro boys trial.