by Nick Page

(Dwarfism is a genetic mutation that causes people to stay short statured there whole life instead of growing at a normal rate)

Body system or systems affected by this condition

Dwarfism changes the bone structure because it changes the shape of the forehead and spine, it also causes the bones to be a lot smaller because dwarfs are a lot shorter than the average person.

  • body and almost all of its systems
  • skeletal---The skeletal system is all of the bones in the body
  • Muscular--muscles are what allow you to move

How affected body systems work

Skeletal system

  • The skeletal system is all of the bones in the body,it allows you to move in conjunction with the muscular system
  • Disproportional dwarfism causes disproportionate limb

Muscular system

  • The muscular system allows you to move in conjunction with the skeletal system
  • For people woth dwarfism the arms and legs are smaller making the muscles smaller
Achondroplasia: Genetic Causes

Target population

  • Gender doesnt affect chances of getting dwarfism
  • Age has no effect, it is a genetic mutation that your born with
  • Ethnicity does not have an affect (places with a shorter populous example China have a different average height)


  • The cause of dwarfism is a genetic mutation
  • 80 percent of dwarfes have parents of average height


  • The simple way to diagnose dwarfism is by the height of the person
  • X-Rays because of abnormalities in the bone structure
  • The appearance (facial and skeletal feature)
  • Genetic tests,family history and hormone tests

Signs and Symtoms

  • If as an adult someone is under 4 feet 10 inches
  • (Achondroplasia) average size torso and very short arms and legs,inproportional sized head and very prominent forehead
  • Swayed back and bowed legs
  • Broad rounded chest
  • instability of neck bones

Treatment for this disease/condition

  • there is no cure for dwarfism because i is a genetic disorder
  • bone lengthening
  • Growth hormone
  • Stabilizing and correcting the shape of the spine


  • people with dwarfism can live normal long lives and do everyday things like drive and go to work


I picked Peter Dinkledge for my connection because it shows people with dwarfism can lead successful lives. Peter Dinkledge has been in a lot of shows and movies like game of thrones,elf and pixels.