Now You See Her By James Patterson

Ariana Solis

James Patterson Now You See Her

Jeanine Fournier aka Nina Bloom, She is around her mid-30s to 40s. She is blonde with blue eyes and has a slim model- like figure. Peter Fournier has salt and pepper hair he has blue eyes. He is around 50 years old he’s tannish.

Nina bloom would do anything to protect her life she built in New York. When an innocent man is framed for murder she knows she can’t let him pay for the real killers crimes. Nina needs to keep her secret and can’t tell anybody. She must go through it by herself.

While Nina is trying to help the man who is being charged for murder, she bumps into Peter Fournier. Her murder-driven husband who think she’s dead. Problems rise as Peter starts looking for his so-called deceased wife. What will happen when the two meet again?

This book will keep you at the edge of your seat. A drama-filled blend of action

James Patterson ,award winning author