Gardening Update

Top Gardners

How can we Grow Winning Plants in a Challenging Enviroment?

For the next six weeks, we are having to grow a garden. We are growing Simpsons Lettuce and Oak Leaf lettuce. As a class we are going to see which group can grow the best lettuce. Every time we go outside, we are going to have to right down how much the lettuce has grown. Also every week their is going to be a challenge. Whoever beats the challenge,will be the winners of the week. At the end of the six weeks, we will have our winners.


So far, our lettuce has grown fairly well. We have six sprouts. All of them but two are sprouts of the Simpson Leaf. The others are sprouts of the Oak Leaf. The two sprouts that we could measure where 2 cm and 1 cm. The others did not make it over the one centimeter mark. The sprouts are little and green with a little yellow around the edges. They are continuing to grow.
Lettuce Growing Chart

Shows how our lettuce has grown.


We grew our lettuce in a challenging environment by, having to know the different amounts of water to give the plants, keep up with the amount of rainfall, an by giving our plant the correct care in order for it to survive.

Lettuce Weekly Update

What are we doing during the project?

The class have been learning many types of subjects. We had to create three info graphics about abiotic and biotic factors, photosynthesis, and cellular respiration. We are also doing a challenge to see who could write a paragraph explaining how to keep your lettuce safe from frost.

Growing Update

So, our lettuce is growing slowly because it has been very warm and dry. We still got a couple of sprouts. We got a total of 22 sprouts. They were not big enough to measure. The lettuce looks green, but the lettuce we thought was growing was actually weeds.

Weekly Challenge

First, you should water the plant before sundown. The moisture from the water will slightly raise the temperature around the plant. Depending on the plant size a small blanket or handkerchief will also keep it warm.