Vaccination Causes Viral Mutation

Are vaccines giving more problems than it's solving?

Dead and Live Vaccines?

Vaccines contain either live or dead viruses in them so our immune systems familiarizes itself so it can protect you next time you come in contact with the virus (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2013). If your immune system is weak there is a slight chance, if injected with a live vaccine, that you can be infected with the virus. So beware!

Antigenic Drift

"Changes in the genes every year in viruses, causes new characteristics. These changes can accumulate and new viruses can become genetically different and not be susceptible to the antibodies created from the vaccines." -Dr. Sofia Nigar
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Viral Adaptation

The same way humans and other living organisms adapt to their surroundings and circumstances, viruses can, over time, adapt to become stronger. These genetic mutations can make viruses either weaker or stronger (CNN, 2014).

If weaker, they will obviously die off. If they are stronger, they will over-compete the original virus and take it's place.

”[Mutations] can vary from a split second to even days depending on type of virus. Mutations are very unpredictable."- Dr. Aftab Shariff

The Flu

The influenza virus changes every year and becomes stronger, making the previous vaccination ineffective (Wanjek, 2009). This is a clear example of viral mutation and due to this, every year scientists have to develop a new vaccine for the current strain.
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The World and Viruses

As long as we keep immunizing these viruses, new ones will emerge to finally even out the population (Griffiths, 2015). To prevent this, we need to find another way to give us immunity that won't lead to genetic mutation.

As years go by, more and more new and more harmful viruses will continue to "pop up" just like they already have been with the SARS coronavirus, H1N1, Ebola, you name it. All viruses had to come from somewhere.

Young students researching big things

Even you can help make a safer future for us. The following years need as many brilliant ideas as possible, and these ideas can only come from you.


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