Peace, Love and Art

Mrs. Yurkovich Art Newsletter

Welcome to Mrs. Yurkovich's art newsletter for Washington Elementary School. This year's theme is Fantasy, Fairy Tales and Fables. We have created an array of beautiful projects that portray this whimsical theme. Check out the current art lessons and projects that students are creating.

1st Grade: Pete the Cat

Students read Pete the Cat and his Magic Blue Sunglasses by James Dean and learned that there are not magic sunglasses. But instead remember to always see the good in everyday and be thankful for what you have. . Next, students learned how to draw Pete the Cat and create a colorful background using oil pastels, paint and watercolors.
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2nd Grade: Miss Spider's Tea Party

Student's read Miss Spider's Tea Party by David Kirk and learned that you should always give someone a chance and not assume the worst. Next, students learned how to draw tea cups and insects. Using a variety of materials students created their own Miss Spider and magical tea party.
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3rd Grade: Egyptian Cats

Students learned about Egypt and the process of entombing and how to draw hieroglyphics. Using pastels, watercolors and paint students created sophisticated cats.
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4th Grade: One Point Perspective Shapes

Students learned how to draw shapes using a ruler and the guidelines for one point perspective. They added different colors to each side of the shape with markers and will be painting the backgrounds in watercolor.
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5th Grade: Value Pastel Sunflowers.

Students learned how to create value using pastels and are in the process of creating sunflower drawings on pastel paper. Through smearing techniques students learn how to create a flower that shows lights and darks.
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6th Grade: Nature Inspired Metallic Paper Collage

Students first created a nature inspired drawing and then could only rip the paper to create a colorful collage. Next, students painted over it with black to make it look impressionistic and vintage.
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