Body Systems: Nervous System

By: Sidney and Kenzie

Nervous System

There are 3 main structures in the Nervous System. The main structure of the nervous system is the brain, its funtion is to recieve nerve impulses to coordinate the actions of the organism. After the brain recieves messages the nerves carry those messages throughout the body. These messages are sent through the spinal cord up to the brain.

Levels of Organization


The main function of homostasis is to keep the bodys skin and inner organs in normal condition. All of homeostasis is done when the tempature and oxygen levels are set for your body. If the levels are not set, the organisms system will shut down or completly die. When the organism get hypothermea the homeostasis system does not work properly.

Interactions: Skelatal and Endocrine connects to the Nerves

The nervous system connects to the skelatal system because it holds up the whole body while the organism carries out the nerves\messages going throughout the body. The endocrine system controls how other organs function and produces/releases blood sugar and hormones that connect with the nevous system.