Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States, born in February 12, 1809-1865.

slogan of candidate

"Vote yourself a farm"

-Abraham Lincon

View of Slavery

opposed the spread of slavery in any form to te new territories.

Views on Secession

Abraham Lincoln was an abolishionist and was against slavery.He focused on stopping slavery from expanding in the U.s territory. He wanted to keep the country together.

Abraham Lincoln Political party

Abraham lincon ran for the United States senate on the Republican ticket in 1858.

If Lincoln had not won

If Abraham Lincoln wasn't president slavery may have expanded all around the U.S. There is also a possibility that slavery would still exsist. So if Lincoln had not won and one of the runner ups that were for slavery had won there would be slavery. There might not been a civil war if he had not won. That is what might of happen if he had not won.
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