By Lisa Desper, Alyssa Cohen, Nicolas Henderson

What is overpopulation?

Overpopulation is having a dense population in a environment or area.

Most populated countries in Europe (based on UN 2012 estimate)

1. Russia - 142,703,000
2. Germany - 81,991,000
3. France - 63,458,000
4. U.K. - 62,798,000
5. Italy - 60,964,000

most overpopulated countries in Europe

1. Monaco
2. The Vatican
3. Malta
4. San Marino
5. The Netherlands
6. Belgium
7. U.K.
8. Germany
9. Liechtstein
10. Italy
11. Luxembourg
12. Switzerland
13. Czech Republic
14. Denmark
15. Poland
16. Moldova
17. Portugal
18. Slovokia
19. France
20. Albania

Overpopulation In Europe

Overpopulation is becoming a problem worldwide, but Europe is especially overpopulated. And the main reason is that since the 1700’s, Europe has been more advanced than the rest of the world. America followed along quickly in the 1800’s but Europe never stopped growing. Also natural resources and lot’s of rivers/seas make many parts of Europe desirable. Obviously job opportunities is a big factor, both America and Europe are becoming a melting pot of cultures, as well as religion.

Reasons for Overpopulation

A reason for overpopulation can be that people want to immigrate into a more developed country, so they can have better lives and futures. For example, Hispanics moving to America for a better life. To control overpopulation better, we should be stricter on who comes into our country. This shouldn’t just be for the U.S. though. It should also be for the other countries that are having issues with overpopulation. If we can allow less people to move into the U.S. or other countries, then specific areas won’t be as overpopulated and the population will be more spread out.

Effects of Overpopulation to the Environment

The amount of space people take up affects forest and farmland. Overpopulation can lead to excrete wastes and pollution getting into water systems, animal habitats, and possibly killing wildlife.
Polluted water: can cause people to not be able to continue their daily which include not bathing or brushing their teeth.
Forest: forests are being torn down to create and support a bigger population. As these areas decrease plants and animals start to become extinct. It destroys their homes and way of life leaving them with nothing and nowhere to go.

How can we prevent it?

A general solution to overpopulation can just be education. There were about 68 pregnant teens out of 1000 women in 2008. These teenagers are getting pregnant because they don’t fully understand the consequences. If we educate everyone a little more about what can happen, there won’t be as many accidental births. Areas like China have a One Child Policy, where couples can only have one child. While this might help control overpopulation, it creates an imbalance with genders. In China, male is the dominant gender, so when the One Child Policy is added in, couples become unhappy with their female child. This causes issues with killing their female children, so that they once again have the chance to get a male.
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Overpopulation: A Growing Problem (Infographic)
Earth Day's Population Vision vs. Reality

Essential Question

How can overpopulation affect us in the future?