Anxiety / Panic Disorder

Ben Denman Health-5 10/14/16


Symptoms include nervousness, sudden fearfulness, sweating and racing heart, and shortness of breath.


Strikes without reason or warning. Chances may be increased with stressful jobs.

Age/ Gender Tendencies

Women twice as likely, students at a greater risk.

Don't let your voice get shrill, take a chill pill.

Anxiety/Panic attacks are a common disorder that is relatively easy to treat. Common treatments include counseling and Anti-depressants. This disorder is severe enough to cause interruptions in everyday life, but subtle enough where some people might not notice it. This disorder affects 1.5% of people. Johnny Depp has this disorder.
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Definition-A sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and fear.

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Youtube Link: 1:56- 2:27

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