The Pony Express riders traveled lots of places

Riders have to travel a long time. Could you imagine being them? William H. Russell and Alexander Majors plus William Waddell invented the pony express. The pony express had to deliver a lot of mail. Wagons were slow so they didn’t use wagons.

The Route

The pony express riders stretched between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento California. It took 75 to 100 miles where they were going. Also, the pony express riders crossed eight states in ten days.

Bad Weather

Pony express riders have to ride in bad weather. Like, floods or have to travel in snow or also, tornadoes. Next, even when they’re in danger they still have to ride the horses.

why it stopped

Also, William Russell got arrested for stealing something from the government. So the government shut it down. It went out of business to. It was only lasted a year.

interesting facts about the pony express

In conclusion, they have to travel everyway. All around the United States. Also, they made 308 complete runs for delivering mail. The pony express did not stay in business long. It only lasted eighteen months