Neo Nazis on the Rise

Chris Lannom 1st


My topic is what are Neo-Nazis are, activities they are doing now, and how they are different than the 3rd Reich. This is significant to the Holocaust because Germany wanted to make sure the Holocaust never happened again but never said they would stop the Nazis ways from happening again. So people still listen to the Nazis ways and kill people to make their genetics "pure" from deformities.

Neo-Nazi: The Beginning

The Neo-Nazi movement started in the 1970s in England when a gang of people started wearing tattoos and combat boots to look menacing. Over time racist and Neo-Nazi beliefs became popular with them.Some of the Skinheads didn't become racist.(Skinheads are the people that believe in the Neo-Nazi ways). After a while the Neo-Nazi ways started spreading across the rest of Europe and the United States. Today the Neo-Nazis are in 33 countries and 6 continents. Neo-Nazis are diferent than the 3rd Riech because they want there genetics "pure"of deformities not Jews.


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Neo-Nazi: Present Day

In a small town of Leith, North Dakota a small group of Neo-Nazis were trying to make the town an all white town with no deformities. They made threats to people at gun point. Later they were arrested. In Germany Neo-Nazis are having secret concerts without the authorities knowing about until a man under a code name went into these concerts and recorded them. He was getting threats by Neo-Nazis but he kept going in different disguises.


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5 Facts over Neo-Nazi

  1. They get lonely because they are Neo-Nazis and no one wants to be around them except other Neo-Nazis
  2. The Neo-Nazi movement started in England
  3. They use codes to speak so no one knows what they are saying
  4. They have violent fans who like to kill
  5. They feel persecuted like the Jews were


"10 Alarming Hilarious Facts about Nazi Hipsters."


To sum this up Neo-Nazis are dangerous even if you are the same race as them. They believe in the Nazi ways and they are still spreading across the world even today.