Owl About 2G

December 5, 2014

This week in Math...

Math in School By Leo and Brady

This week in 2G we Shopped and played math games.In shopping we cut out pictures of toys for the store. We coin stamped. For example you write the price in the corner. And then stamp the coins on the paper. On the thermometer we read Celsius and Fahrenheit. We wrote stories about candy using numbers. We had a lot of fun in math.

Stamping Math Robert and Kyle

This week in math we did temperature. We also did stamping. For example, if I did a monster truck and it was $0.15 so you would stamp how much it was. We had a lot of fun doing the coin stamping.

Math In School By Rebecca and Mikaela

This week in school we did math and in math we did part part total .We also did temperature .Also in are math groups we did temperature at are seats .Than we played a new game in math to. Did you do part part total?


Moby Max By Gigi and Gia

This week in 2G we did Moby Max on the iPads. We read a book on Moby Max too. We also did math on Moby Max and we played a game on Moby Max. It was really fun on the iPad.

Moby Max Fun! By Enya and Izzy

This week in school we did Moby Max and on it we did stories. For example we read two Cinderella stories. At the end we answered questions. Also, we did fact master. For example we had to answer questions in six seconds. It was hard to answer in six seconds. Overall it was fun!

Is it Writer's Workshop or is it Science? Both!

Testing Catapults By: Grayson and Linus

This week in 2G we made catapults. It was tricky. For example when we first tried to launch the ping pong ball. It slipped. The forth time it went backwards .It was very hard. But we had fun

testing it.

Catapults Natalia and Camila

This in school we made catapults in writers work shop. Frist, we had to build it. We used: a ruler, a spoon, and a rubber band. It was fun!!! It took us a long time. Then we gave a test trial. We liked our catapult!!!!

Force and Motion By: Willy and Liam

We made catapults in writer’s workshop to study how force and motion works. We used these materials: a spoon, a ruler, a big rubber band, and 3 medium pieces of tape. Making this experiment was exciting because after we made it we got to launch it.

Social Studies

Gifts By: Lila, Lilly and Katie

This week in 2G we made gifts. We wrote what we could give to somebody in our family or a friend. We used paper, glitter, bows and crayons. For example Gigi and Giavanna did a hug and a smile. Our favorite part was putting the glitter on our paper!!! What’s your gift?

Reader's Workshop

Snowmen By Matthew and Jason

This week in reading we did a project with main idea and snowmen. First we read a book about snow.
Then we put the min idea in the hat, and we put details on the body. Students chose that snow can harm us. For example snow can cause a flood. Other people chose snow can help us. Snow can be a blanket for plants. Making a snowman can be very fun!