Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

"146 Men and Girls Die in the Triangle Waist Factory Fire."

By: Andrew Shackelton and Braulio Pedraza

How it all started?

The triangle shirtwaist factory fire took place on March 25, 1911 in New York City. The most tragic fire that took place in American history. Almost all of the workers have died in this tragic accident there were only about 354 people suvived. About 146 out of 500 workers died. After the fire happened the women workers went on strike for women rights and the saftey hazards e have this day.

One of the Lucky ones

Mildred Blanck born in 1906 died 5 years after the triangle shirtwaist factory fire.
Triangle Factory Fire 1-2 (New York: A Documentary Film, Ep4).avi