Pediatric Nursing

Krystal Kaup

Responsiblities/ Duties

Registered Nurses have many things to do, first they have to record patients medical history and symptoms , then give the patients medicines and treatments, set up plans for patients care or contribute exsiting plans , observe the patient than record it. Next they have to consult with a doctor and then need to operate and monitor medical equipment. Help perfrom diagnostic test and analyze results. Teach patients and their family how to care for their illness or injuries. Last but not least explain what they do at home after the treatment.

Average working hours and salary/ wage

The average working hours go 4 hours, 8 hours , 10 hours or 12 if you want ot do overtime it will come to over 16 hours. The average salary is 66, 586 per year

Education Needed/ what school/ and skills

Registered Nurses usually take 1 out of the 3 educations paths, Bachelors, Associates, or diploma from a nursing program. I will be taking the 2 year program at trition and get my associates then transfer to roosevelt university for the next 4 years so I will be able to get my bacelors. The skills you need to become a nurse are critical thinking, Compassion, Detail Oriented , Emotional Stability, Organizational Skills , Patience and speaking skills. Thats it not much or even hard.
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Job outloook/ growth

In may 2010 nurses were making atleast 64, 690 per year after that about 20% of nurses only had to work part time because they were being paid so well.

Advancement Opportunities Or related Jobs/ how can you move up

Dental Hygentist , Emts, Physcian Assistants, you can move up but you will have to go to more schooling to become one of these and get the training you need.
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