A Land of Promise and Hope

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My Dearest Family and Friends,

It has been a year since our last glimpse of one another. Please know that I pray daily for you to overcome the many unpleasant circumstances overwhelming the great nation of Britain. As you very well know, do to the loss of my family's farm and the few opportunities in the overcrowded cities, I determinedly set off for the United States of America. The chance for new beginnings, and the plentiful natural resources, was too intoxicating to ignore. I wanted to live my life in a free democratic society. In my head nothing could go wrong, and that is why I was unprepared for the struggle that inevitably followed.

When I first arrived in New York, I underwent Americanization. I was educated on American society and values. The process, though tough, went smoothly for me, but others were declined citizenship and were told to leave the United States. It disheartened me to see them go; all the months spent in steerage dreaming about the life they were going to build, were all dashed to pieces.

Furthermore, the insurmountable number of job opportunities is dizzying, however they are dangerous and pay very little. I have found myself struggling here, but the settlement house I am living in has provided me with relief. They are helping me navigate through the American world.

When I left Britain my head was full of hope, dreams, and a fairy tale. I was under several misconceptions about the United States, so much so, that I was unprepared for just how hard the struggle would be.However, I can not find in myself a glimmer of regret, and I hope one day you all will join me here in the United States of America.