Cody's Amazing Fabulous Journey!

Bon Voyage!



This is the best McDonald's in the United States. They have 100%, beef patties, chicken, and fish! Everything is fire grilled! Some even say they would rather go to this McDonald then any other fast food place. There is no horse meat like there is in Burger King. McDonald's has special sauces no other restaurant has! This McDonald's is important to Cody because is grew up eating at this McDonald's. It's his favorite. No other McDonald is better this this one!

Mall of America

This is the largest Mall in the United States! They have all stores! They also have a huge amusement park, Nickelodeon Universe. This place is like a shoppers dream. It'll be like entering a mall in heaven! The Mall of America is an important place to Cody because it's his favorite mall and a lot of memories happened here.


Vietnam is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. Cody was born here on July 21, 1998. Vietnam has beautiful beaches, amazing food, and great weather! You'll be surprised. We offer a first class trip to Vietnam. Don't worry about bringing your wallet because we will provide everything (unless you want to buy from the gift shop)! Food? You got it! Transportation? Yes! Hotel? YUP! This is a one in a lifetime offer! Book your trip today!

Free Big Mac Meal at McDonalds, Free T-Shirt (designer by Cody's Fabulous, Amazing Designs), and a 1st class trip to Vietnam!


If you're interested to going on Cody's Fabulous Amazing Journey here are the prices! Remember that this is a first class trip. You don't even have to bring your wallet! Book your trip now!

Adults: $3500.00

Kids (12 below): $2500.00

Seniors (65 above): $3000.00

Gift Shop

This gift shop is completely optional. 20% of the earning from the gift shop goes to a charity in Africa to help AIDS. It is a great way to donate and get exclusive things you cannot get online or anywhere else!

T-Shirt (S,M,L,X-L) - $29.00

Sweat Pants (S,M,L,X-L) - $39.00

Hoodie (S, M, L, X-L) - $39.00

Key Chains, Post Cards, others - $5.00