Kole Campton

Paint-balling's Start

The Nelson Paint Company made the first technical "paintball gun" (Davidson 1). Its use when it came out was for marking objects from a distance such as a tree to be cut down or an animal to wean from the heard. From there, two friends Charles Gaines and Bill Gurnsey used these new "marking guns" to test one's ability against another (Davidson 2). To see who was best they had a mock war hence inventing the game of paintball. The first game of paintball was played in 1981 and has evolved tremendously since in game strategy and equipment used (Davidson 2).

If You're Going to Play, Play by the Rules

According to "How to Play Paintball" there are 12 key easy to fallow rules to paint-balling (Muhlestein 1). The rules are not standard they mainly help get a game started and make sure it runs smoothly. The twelve rules consist of; establish boundaries, mark dead zone (zone where people go after hit/out), have game objective (point to the game), have a time limit, create teams, have a starting noise or word, describe what hits count, paint check (checked by others to see if hit), walking to dead zone (be sure people know your out), victory, safety rules (all equipment on at all times), and necessities (equipment every player must have) ("How to Play Paintball" 2). If the rules are fallowed the game will have less arguments.

Protect Yourself

Paint-balling can be a fun game but it can also be painful if you have the wrong gear. It may not always be used but "a face mask is one the few pieces of safety equipment required to play" (Kirk 2). Some people may not use a face mask when they play but that could cause severe injury. There are also chest and neck protectors along with padded pants and gloves (Kirk 5-7). It is recommended to wear all possible safety gear to prevent injury.

It May Cost You to Play

The cost of paint-balling depends upon how much you are willing to put into and spend on it. According to "How Much Paintball Costs to Play" if you do not want to spend much you can buy a single shot paintball gun and low grade equipment for around $50 (Muhlestein 1). This may seem cheap but it happens that way because the equipment has poor quality. Muhlestein also says "If you are willing to spend $70-$100 you can purchase an entry-level semi-automatic or electro-mechanical paintball gun and all necessary equipment to play"("How Much Paintball Costs to Play" 2). A way to save money would be to rent.

Paint-Balling Statistics

A basic paintball, the Brass Eagle ball, has an average weight of 3.217 grams (Dyrkacz figure 1). 3.217 is very standard and should be close to the weight of every paintball. It has a standard deviation of .0394, and fails at a rate of .88%(Dyrkacz figure 1). The distance a paintball will travel will depend on the weapon it is fired from and the rate it is moving. Most paint-balls have very similar statistics but the very high grade balls will have a much lower deviation and hardly any rate of fail.

Modern Paintballing

Today paint-balling has many uses and is a hobby of many. People from the ages of 7 on can get into the hobby of paint-balling (Schmidt). There are fields and courses that people can go to and paintball with others. They can rent or even bring their own equipment (Schmidt). Another use of paint-balling protects our freedom (Mack). Yes the military trains men with paintball guns and have mock missions the trainees can go through (Mack). The evolution of paintball created a hobby of many and a way to test the military.

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