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Tips on how to create your own Bespoke Kitchens London

You want and need a new kitchen and you've heard that bespoke is very best because it will suit your specific space, tastes and requirements, right? But you have also heard that you have to use an interhttp://kandikitchens.co.uk/ior designer and that's expensive! But who says that Bespoke Kitchens London need to be costly? How about creating and designing a bespoke kitchen yourself?

Where to start

But where to begin, particularly if one is really vague about what one wants or what's possible? Well, there are a wealth of websites and Apps out there that will introduce you to different possibilities in terms of décor designs, furnishing options, equipment and so forth.

Initial steps

Before you rush out to look for furniture and appliances, there are a number of things you should decide and think about:

1. What style do you want? A Farmhouse or country kitchen, French or a contemporary and modern style, for example? A number of designs can be effectively combined.

2. After you have chosen the design you can then select the colours that you would like to use. A few designs have certain colour schemes but with others you can select any palette you like.

3. Take measurements so you know how small or big - your kitchen place is. You don't want to buy items of furniture that will dominate the room or fill most of it. If you are able to, drawing up a floor plan might be extremely useful.

4. What's your spending budget? You need to do this properly but not get yourself into debt.

5. Are there any simple aspects you have to remember? For instance, you'll require work surfaces, cabinets etc that are at good heights for those using the kitchen. You'll need a kitchen that looks fantastic but is also functional!

Once you're clear in your mind about the things you need to purchase, start looking for furniture.

Guidelines on purchasing furniture and equipment

In terms of where to purchase furniture, you don't have to go to specialist shops or conventional retailers at all. What about visiting wholesalers, public auctions, liquidators, second-hand stores, charity or donation shops, markets and garage sales and watching print commercials? There are also online alternatives like eBay and Craigslist. One can pick up some excellent purchases once you know keep away from the junk.

Look carefully at items of furniture. If they have drawers open them to check if they slide well or stick. If it is a wooden thing, search for signs of decay or insect activity. With metal pieces you must check for rust. Do not ignore an item because it seems battered and sad. If it looks sound, it may just need some TLC to look stunning.

That applies to furniture equipment too. They can be sourced from the same places and in the same ways. Without a doubt, with appliances one must ensure that they work. The drawbacks of used appliances instead of new ones is that they are very unlikely to be protected by a warranty or guarantee and delivery and installment might not exactly be options either.

Have some fun with creating and designing your own Bespoke Kitchens London! If you need help with that, do not hesitate to contact 020 7388 4985 or visit our site: http://www.kandikitchens.co.uk

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