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Parent Bulletin - May 23, 2016

Hello Serrano,

This week is SBAC Testing for our 3rd through 6th graders. And it is English-Language Arts Week. Each 3rd-6th Grader will be taking this state standardized assessment throughout the week, broken into one hour sessions each day. Please take note of the following:

  • Students need to have a set of headphones for the test. Earbuds will be available for purchase in the office for $1 throughout the week, should students need a set of headphones
  • Students need to be well rested for each day
  • Students need a healthy filling breakfast each day
  • Please have students bring a book for reading each day so if they complete early, they will have a book to read
  • Please consider taking the Practice SBAC - directions and descriptions in bulletin below
  • Please send all healthy students to school over the next week - make-ups throughout this test are logistically challenging and we want our students to be as prepared and the testing to be as consistent as possible to ensure the best possible success

On another note - we had the most AMAZING Beautification Day on Saturday. Serrano families showed up in great force and the following beautifying projects were complete:

- televisions down in rooms who requested

- emergency shed cleaned out and inventoried - next step setting up emergency kits for classrooms

- backpack hooks fixed to accomodate all Eagle backpacks

- all classroom fans cleaned

- fence slats completed to provide privacy for kinder

- new picnic tables and umbrellas assembled for 1st-6th grade classrooms

- classroom windows and shelves washed

AND BEST YET... Tropical Plaza Nursery DONATED over $5000 worth of plants and labor on Saturday and you will see the amazing changes the minute you step foot on the campus. Please treat the new areas with care (new grass in the front is roped off until it blooms) and please give great thanks in form of cards or business to our very generous neighbors.

Looking forward to future beautification projects which include:

- building of a STEAM Lab

- landscaping in kinder yard

- extension of blacktop to playground in back

- many many more projects to make Serrano even more beautiful than it is

Thank you to those families who contributed to a great Beautification Day and looking forward to Beautification Day #2.

Looking forward to another great week.


Mrs. Pedroza

Beautification Day

Beautification Day

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What's Coming Up in Week THIRTY-TWO


  • SBAC ELA (Grades 3-6) - Day One


  • SBAC ELA (Grades 3-6) - Day Two
  • 1st Grade Field Trip to Pretend City


  • Min Day - Pick-Up K 12:20p, 1st-6th 12:25p
  • FINAL BOXTOP COLLECTION! Bring em' in Eagles :)
  • SBAC ELA (Grades 3-6) - Day Three
  • Eagles Dine Out - Chipotle - 50% back to Serrano!!!
  • Mrs. Ash's Dessert and Promotion Performance


  • SBAC ELA (Grades 3-6) - Day Four


  • Ice Cream Sales
  • SBAC ELA (Grades 3-6) - Day Five
  • Eagle Spirit Day - Wear your Eagle Shirts


SBAC State Testing - Practice Here!

Students, Grades 3-6, will be taking the SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) test the last two weeks of May this year. This test is comprised of an English and Math test, each taking about four hours, split sessions amongst a whole week. Throughout the year we have been working to build interface comfortability, computer savviness and and the English and Math skills required to be successful on this test.

You too, can help your student, at home, by practicing with them through the SBAC practice test a couple of times before the real thing. Help them become more familiar with the test tools (ex. calculator, keyboard) prior to the test.

To access the practice test:

1. Click link below

2. Click Student Interface Practice and Training Test (green button on right)

3. Leave the login to "Guest" and just click SIGN-IN

4. Select a Grade Level

5. Select EITHER ELA (English Language Arts) or MATH Practice Test (most of the other tests available do not apply)

6. Leave all selections defaulted and click Select

7. Proceed through to start test - HEADS UP - the ELA tests have sound so if you are practicing in a public place you may want headphones

Please call with questions.

Message from your PFO:

- Keep collecting box tops - collection will be mid-spring

- Also, Room Moms/Dads! If you have an email distribution list of your class, please forward this bulletin on to your class - we still have about 40% of people who are not accessing this important information. Thank you for your help!

Feedback to Influence Next Year

We so appreciate all of the feedback from the LCAP and are anxiously awaiting the school-specific results to share with you. Although the LCAP (last survey) results are separated by school, we have further school-specific questions, we would love feedback on.

Please take a few minutes to take the planning survey below. And let the office know if you have any questions.

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