Wallace Weekly

March 21st - March 25th

Weekly Recap...


We barely had time to catch our breath after Spring Break and we jumped immediately into STAAR Simulation testing and TELPAS online testing! Then throw Math/Science/ Technology Night into the mix and it’s been crazy (not to mention exhausting)!

It’s that time of year when things kick into high gear…the final push for academic mastery before we send students on to the next grade level, field trips, STAAR and TELPAS testing, end of year district testing, and report cards. Take a breath. We will work as a team and get it all done. We will finish strong.

I want to commend you on all you do for your students. I do not know of another elementary school in RISD where the staff sincerely cares more about each of their student’s academic progress and general well-being. I do not know of another staff in RISD where the teachers are so dedicated and take the extra time to differentiate lessons for the diverse group of students each and every day. I do not know of another staff in RISD where teachers take the time and creativity to collaborate and create engaging lessons to involve all students, regardless of their academic level or language proficiency level. Thank you from me… as your principal, as a parent and grandparent, as a teacher, as a Lake Highlands community member. You make me proud to be a Wallace Wolverine.

Hang in there. Together we can do this. We are Wallace!

Spotlight On...

  • Throw-Back highlight to a few weeks ago when Mrs. McCoy was rocking her review for her science test! For her review, she utilized an abundance of technology! The review was created in Nearpod, and students were working in groups of two to answer the questions on the iPads. Some of the questions included visuals, but the most exciting review questions included virtual field trips! Students took virtual field trips to a volcano, which they were able to scan the iPad in a circle in order to see inside and around the volcano. The students were so excited to participate, and were able to make strong connections to the content.

  • Three cheers for active monitoring! Thank you Dana for taking notes while relieving teachers during the Simulations. It is always helpful for teachers to know that their students are in good hands, and it's beneficial for the teachers to know how their students perform when they leave the room.

  • Now is the time for differentiation to get kicked into full gear as we get our kids ready for the next grade level! Sometimes what you really need in order to differentiate and work with a small group is for your other students to be working quietly on something productive and engaging. Lizzy DeCosta just started using these awesome “Match Book Summary Folders” for her students to work on while she’s pulling groups to her table during her reading block. Students are reading a book for their novel study and then writing a short summary about each chapter. She differentiates by changing the levels of the books and the size of the notecard for students to complete the summary. While this is happening around the room, she’s able to focus on review and reteach at her table.

  • Jennifer Collier once again did a fabulous job planning and organizing the Math/Science/Technology Open House Night! Thank you for building up the excitement prior to the event with your fun trivia questions. This event could not have come together so beautifully without the behind the scenes work for each and every staff member as well. Given the time crunch after Spring Break and the SIMs, you all really worked some magic to get it all done!

Duty Reminders

Week of March 21st - March 25th

Cafeteria- Ricker, Raine, B. Price

Gym- Kellum, Peters

AM Circle Drive- Skipwith

5th & 6th Grade Hall- Jackson & Ginn

Safety Patrol Morning Duty- Dana

On the Horizon

  • Monday, March 21st
  • G/T Screening 2nd & 3rd grade-Monday through Thrusday
  • Student Concerns Meeting throughout the week

Tuesday, March 22nd

Wednesday,March 23rd

  • After School Tutoring

Thursday, March 24th

  • Faculty Meeting-Monica Simmons

Friday, March 25th

  • Snow Day! No School!!!
  • Pay Day!!

Pay Day Treats on Monday!-6th & Specials

Happy Birthday to...

March Birthdays
  • Tricia McCoy 3/3
  • Jennifer Hermosillo 3/4
  • Robin Dunham 3/11
  • Jennifer Collier 3/23
  • Tammy Trostel 3/23
  • Betty Santos 3/25
  • Taffetta Green 3/25
  • Kelsey Skipwith 3/28