FLOW Program

Future Leaders Optimizing Well-being

Looking to expand your leadership skills? Join us!

The FLOW Program is designed to develop the next generation of Social Work Leaders working to improve well-being among children, youth, and families. We are now accepting applications from rising Advanced Curriculum students for this innovative program.

Informational Meeting/Webinar:

Friday April 1 from 12-1PM

Gartley018 or online at http://go.hawaii.edu/EO

(Please give an extra 15 mins for log-on time and use headphones if joining remotely via Blackboard)

FLOW Program Activities

The FLOW Program offers mentorship under Dr. Liz Aparicio, a faculty member at MBTSSW and a clinical social worker, as Program students complete a set of coordinated activities:

1. Contribution to a community-based research project on teenage pregnancy and parenting in foster care. Program students will learn how to design a mixed-method research study, collect quantitative and qualitative data, and analyze quantitative and qualitative data in a research team;

2. Mentorship in organizational practice, including developing training, clinical supervision, and/or grant writing skills (depending on the interests of the cohort of FLOW students); and

3. Completion of a community service project for a community-based social service agency that meets their needs (such as providing a report that will aid a grant application).

The purpose: to deepen your leadership skills with hands-on, experiential learning

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the FLOW Program?

The program runs for one academic school year (August - May).

Is there any course credit attached?

FLOW Program students will earn 6 credits for their participation in the program - 3 credits for Fall 2016 and 3 credits for Spring 2017. These will come in the form of advanced research credits (SW743 and 744), which can be used in place of the final course in the research sequence with approval from your advisor and chair of your specialization.

How do I register?

As of the 2016-2017 cohort, the FLOW Program will be run through Outreach College under the auspices of the Child and Family Lab. This means that you will be registering for these credits under Outreach College, submitting payment at the time of registration to them. See their website for tuition information: http://www.outreach.hawaii.edu/myuh/fees.asp

How much time would I need to devote to the Program?

You should plan for the amount of time you would devote for a 3-credit class - approximately 9-12 hours of total time each week. The amount of time needed each week will ebb and flow somewhat with Program activities, with times when more time is required and other times when less time is needed. We will meet for a 1.5 hour group meeting each week; the remainder of time will be spent completing readings and conducting community-based research and training.

Can neighbor island students apply?

Absolutely! We welcome students in both the Manoa and DE options.

Is the Program restricted to Child and Family specialization students?

No; students from any specialization are encouraged to apply.

When are applications due?

Applications for the FLOW Program are due April 8, 2016.

Getting In Touch and Applying

Please contact Dr. Liz Aparicio with any questions. To apply, please complete the form here: http://goo.gl/forms/RoKJIvh03P. You will be asked to provide the names of two references who can attest to your emerging leadership interest and/or abilities. Liz will also meet with you to discuss your interests and fit with the FLOW Program.