Recipe for a wonderful world

by Loktin


  • 1Earth
  • 8 billion innocent people
  • 1 tonne of tolerance
  • 100 tonnes of trees
  • 8 tonnes of happiness
  • unlimited food supply
  • unlimited water supply
  • 1000L of respect
  • 100 tonnes of houses
  • 8 tonnes of peace


Step1: Get the Earth and gently put 8 billion people in so they have a place to stay.

Step2: Mix the 1 tonne of tolerence 1000L of respect to make harmony dough.

Step3: Spread the harmony dough around the Earth so everyone can get along with each other.

Step4: Then spinkle 156 billion trees and 8 billion houses so they have clean oxygen and homes to live in.

Step5: put the the unlimited food and water suplpy nearly everyone around the Earth so the people will never get hungry or thirsty again

Step6: Sprinkle happiness and peace everywhere so everyone can live a happy and wonderful life.