My Reading Issues

Dylan Kowertz

Did I run into a different word?

Yes and my solution is to look it up to find the meaning and words that could match similar.

Have I ever stopped concentrating?

Aye I have because it can be either background noise, distractions from other people, etc.

So a solution is since I'm deaf is to take my implants off so I don't have to hear or find a quiet place to read.

Did I ever read fast?

Yes sometimes because I kind of get impatient since I want to finish it fast.

Solution is to take it slowly and read at a smooth speed.

Have I ever not know what to expect?

Sometimes because I may be either reading too fast or got distracted.

Best solution is to reread it again to get a better understanding of the story.

Have I ever not know the topic that I'd be currently reading?

Obviously yes, I have been through this problem most often.

My best solution is to ask someone who might know the book or ask my translator to get clarification.