Eternal Rest Funeral Home

We cater to all funeral needs

Making Choices

As a family, Eternal Rest Funeral home and staff want you to know we have a multi-generational business and we want to share our experience with you, to be sure all options are made available when saying goodbye to a loved one. We offer multicultural services. We offer a wide variety of caskets. The cremation services are local to provide a trusted service. We work closely to many local cemeteries. There are grieve counselling services available upon request.

Services we offer here at the Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Consider the Eternal Resting Funeral Home

Our family would love to customize the funeral service you wish for, we can work with any budget, we can provide multiple day wake receptions, offer multiple choices to develop the service your loved one can be honored and memorialized.

Additions to make services your own

We offer a DVD made from the photo collage that your family brings together to celebrate your loved ones life. We provide a sound system to share favorite songs or music to be played. We offer multiple timed services, morning services as early as 8 am and evening services as late as 8 pm.

Below are two service providers we work closely with to provide the best in care for our customers. Grief Counselling and Cremation Services