PTHS Class of 2020

Counselor Newsletter


We are SO excited that you're here! We hope that your first weeks of school have been great. Check this newsletter throughout the year for important information.

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What does a High School counselor do?

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1) Best method: Tutorials - in your teachers' classrooms

Daily 7:45-8:30, Monday,Wednesday & Thursday 3:45-4:30 and Tuesday 3:50-4:30

2) Online help for Algebra:

Mrs. Cartwright's You Tube Channel (videos over each lesson)

Virtual Nerd: select a topic for a video explanation


1) Do I need textbooks?

The short answer: maybe; ask your teachers. The longer answer: Every class will be different. Some classes will have digital textbooks on your iPad. Some teachers will have a class set of textbooks in their room. Some teachers may issue you a textbook to keep at home.

2) Do I have to get an iPad?

No, but most classes use them daily and it would be difficult without one. If you don't want to have to carry an iPad back and forth to your house or around campus all day, you can check it in and out of the library.

3) Do I need a locker?

Most students do not use lockers because of the size of our campus. If you would like a locker, though, they are available.

4) How do I know which lunch I have?

Look on your schedule next to your 4th and 5th period classes. There will be an A, B or C next to them. Fourth period tells you the lunch you have on A-day and fifth period tells you the lunch you have on B-day.

5) How does the schedule work? What is A-day/B-day?

Some classes meet daily for 50 minutes, while others meet every other day for 1 1/2 hours. Every day you will show up to first period at 8:30. After that, on A-days, you would go to 2nd and then 4th periods. If it was a B-day, you would go to 3rd and then 5th periods. Every afternoon you will go to 6th, 7th and 8th periods.

6) How do I get involved in a club or organization?

Check out the PTHS website for a list of all clubs and organizations available. Email or stop by the classroom of the contact person for any club you're interested in for more information. What are the requirements to get into the club? When is the first meeting?