July 26th 2016

Be Wise!!

There are more and more babies being born everyday. I mean, there isn't another Earth or planet that can contain life. There's also not many space left on Earth. There are over 100 million women to this day, that limit or space out their pregnancies. Also couples try to be more safe in their relationship. You also have to be conscious because only 21% of Americans said they were worried about population growth. Also you know, we might not even have an Earth by the year 2100 because if there's more people than there's more pollution!

More People, More Pollution

The Earth can't take any more of these this Pollution. People are dying due to so much pollution. You know what that means, more people, more pollution. Just think about it, if there's only 7 billion today, imagine in 2043 when the World Population reaches 9 billion. There's going to be so much pollution. Also due to population to growth, there's going to be more refugees and more war, and you know what that means. Countries are going to start to send nuclear bombs, and the radiation is really bad for people, also the heat of a nuclear bomb is just so powerful. There's also going to be more droughts and more flooding because of the pollution which is going to affect the weather. The damage in farming and food supply, it's all cause and effect. More people, more pollution. More Pollution, more climate change. More climate change, more damage in weather. Last but not least, more weather change, more damage in farming and food supply.
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The World relies on people, but people also rely on the World

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People Problems

The world is running out of resources and it's really important that we take note of this. People are the only things to blame, so pretty much us. You know what that means, to many people, less resources. Also the population has increased tremendously over the past four decades. Also there are 80 million babies born a year and a total of 220,000 per day. It's becoming a problem because all the resources are running out. The number of refugees will increase because of population, and there will be more wars.

Increase In World Population

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1950 (2.5 billion)

1987 (5 billion)

1999 (6 billion)

2011 (7 billion)

Estimate: 2043 (9 billion)

2083 (10 billion)

What's Happening

There are a lot of problems with population growth. One of them is the raise in food prices. Some people think that this is good because of the increase in population, but actually it's a problem. It makes food to expensive for people to buy and it leaves people starving. Also with this, people won;t have any food to eat so they will starve and eventually die. Also there are countries without enough house or home and that will leave people without a place to live. A question that has left people asking is, "What's Happening?" They ask this people it's really jaw dropping to hear that it took thousands and thousands of years for the world to reach a population of just on billion people. It just took one century for the world to get over six billion people. It just took one century for the world to reach a population of SEVEN billion people.
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