No Teacher Left Behind

Here are my thoughts....

By: Dena M. Thomas Week 4 Discussion 1

We as a nation want our children to move forward... why would we let our children see us let teachers go?

With continuous education, our teachers of today can constantly move forward with our students. Students are becoming more and more adept at using technology as an educational resource, but who is teaching the teachers? It is time that mandatory classes are offered to teachers to refresh, and ultimately teach the 21 Century Skills. With refresher courses, every teacher can feel confident to be on the level they need to be on.

Practices... Standards...

Should all teachers across the country use certain practices? I think teachers across the country should be allowed a little bit of breathing room for creativity. Even if teachers are allowed five minutes a day with their students to just be effortless and mindless, for just a few minutes a day, this could give teachers a sense of control and not feeling controlled.

However, I do believe that learning to confidently communicate, speak, listen, read and write are all multifaceted processes that require much practice and a wide variety of growth. A combination of expected practices and creative practices should be a consolidation in the classroom.

There should be such standards for teachers of today. Technology literacy is more than understanding how to use computers. It is about using tools digitally and effectively. Growth and leadership matter just as much as technology too. It expands the natural curiosity and desire to learn. Nurturing the development of personal responsibility does not come easy or natural for many. However, it should be a standard when students are in the hands of teachers.

How prepared are teachers to master the NETS-T

The use of technology is essential and motivates children, and all alike, to learn. This helps eliminate the use of text books. Classrooms do need to be updated but so do the teachers along with our rapid speed of technology in the school systems. How prepared are teachers... I guess this answer comes from different schools, different teachers, and different states. How quickly can we get teachers prepared for the mastering of NETS-T? With more homework for teachers at the end of their day, we can all be on the same page across the school district, across the state and across the country.