Love at first sight

The Tempest by Shakespeare

Miranda & Ferdinand

Miranda sees Ferdinand for the first time and calls him handsome. But Miranda's father doesn't like the fact that she likes Ferdinand. She tries to explain to her father that he is one of a kind and she has never seen anyone like him before. Ferdinand is the third man she has seen but he's the only one she has fell in love with. Ferdinand is willing to take Miranda as his queen of Naples if she's a virgin and hasn't given her heart to anyone.

Imporatnt Quotes

-Miranda "Why speaks my father so ungently? This is the third man that e're I saw, the first that e'er I sight'd for: pity move any father to be inclined my way" (Shakespeare 7)!

-Ferdinand "O, if a virgin, and your affection not gone forth, I'll make you the queen of Naples" (Shakespeare 7).

-Miranda: "I might call him a thing divine, for nothing natural I ever saw so nobel."(Shakespeare 6)

-Ferdinand: "On whom these airs attend!—Vouchsafe my prayer may know if you remain upon this island, and that you will some good instruction give how I may bear me here. My prime request, which I do last pronounce, is—O you wonder!—if you be maid or no."(Shakespeare 7)


Love at first sight is possible.
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Discussion questions.

1. Is love at first sight possble?

2. How does Miranda feel about Ferdinand?

3. What is Prospero true agenda of having Ferdinand and Miranda meet one another?