C.C. Winn Thundering Maverick Band

"Always end on a good 'note'"

What C. C. Winn Maverick Band is really about!

Since 2006, the C.C Winn High School Band Program has enjoyed its good share of success over the past nine years. With 2014-2015 school year coming to an end; the band program has again notched a very productive year with the accolades it has recently received. The program also consists of Mariachi, Winn Jazz Band and Winterguard, which help reinforce the foundation of what the program is built on. Our band program has received tremendous amount of support from family, the school, and overall the community throughout the years. A support that is equally deserved. Thank you thundering Maverick Band for you commitment and dedication to the Maverick Nation!!!


The only few requirements is to be an active band member, know how to play an instrument, and excel in your classes.High school bands typically challenge students musically more than those in middle school. Music is much more difficult with more complex passages, intricate rhythms and more involved phrasing. Selections also vary in style. A well-rounded band is expected to be able to play a wide variety of music, ranging from serious 'program music' to lighter 'pop-style' music. For many high school students, school bands are the main form of music education available to them in school. In order for the band members to participate on Friday night games, they must be passing all of their classes. The instructors are also very strict with the proper uniform even down to the simplest mistake can lead them to not performing during the halftime show.
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Meet the Drum Majors.

Posing at C. C. Winn's monument are Drum Majors San Juanita Ruvalcaba and Abel Gonzalez.
Cc Winn high school thundering band!! 11052015
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Say 'Hello' to the Winn Band Staff!

Left to right

Javier Sanchez; Winn Alumni, Colorguard Tech, and Guard Choreographer.

Jaqueline Olivares; Winn Alumni, Colorguard Tech, Band and Guard Choreographer.

Jose Raul Perez; Winn Alumni, Brass Director, Visual Package Coordinator.

Carlos Vela; Colorgaurd Director

John Muñoz; Woodwind Director and Lower Body Technique Instructor

Jorge Vargas; High Brass Director, Composer and Arranger.

Ruben Rodriguez; Head Band Director, Music Director.

Alejo Garza; Woodwind Director, Visual Captain Head.


Anna Martinez; Band Secretary

Robert Rodriguez; Percussion Director

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Our Band Directors.

(From left to right)

Colorguard Instructor: Mr. Vela

Brass Director: Mr. Perez

Secretary: Ms. Martinez

Band Director: Mr. Garza

Percussion Director: Mr. Rodriguez

Head Band Director: Mr. Rodriguez

Memorial Band Director: Mr. Vargas

Band Director: Mr. Munoz

Quotes from fellow band members.

Q: Do you consider your section as family?

Mariela Sanchez; Yeah, we're always there for each other, through the good and bad.

Q: How do you manage between school and band practice?

Betzy; You just have to balance everything out.

Aaron Olivares; It's half and half. You can do your homework before practice or do it after practice. Yeah, just have to balance everything out.

Q: How do you feel that this is your last year of being a part of band?

Hiram; I feel at peace. Yeah, I mean, I'm gonna miss it but I gotta move on.

Interview with head director, Mr. Rodriguez.

Q: How do you prepare for a show?

A: Planning starts now. I find out what exactly appeals to the audience. Next, I think about the music that fits the theme. Once I figure out the theme and music, I give the ideas to my music writer and percussion writer and they design the music. Everything has to be finished by May so it can be used for next year.

Q: What is the most stressful from preparing 200 kids and half of them being new?

A: The fact that every year we get students that either know all about band or don't or they're being forced to be in band by their parents. It's all about having to make it entertaining and eventful. We try to make everybody want to be here. Let's say one student can learn by reading and another learns by hearing, we try to teach students who have a different learning style.

Q: Was there ever a downfall? If so, how did you overcome it?

A: The downfall would be the year the high schools split apart. I was the first director here, I had to teach the kids who WE were. The kids had also felt cheated when the seniors chose to go to Eagle Pass High School. We taught how we worked. Of course, we beat EPHS, but it was also a problem with the attitude of the band.

Q: Why do you love instructing band?

A: Wow, I don't know how to explain it. The fact is right now band is on autopilot. They know what to do. I don't have to teach them when to sit down and when class starts. I've developed a friendship with all four directors, myself included, and our secretary. I go to work knowing I'm going to enjoy my day. Students know when or when not to joke around with me. When I am on the podium, they know not to joke around. When I'm not on the podium, they know they can joke around with me. I'm a human too. It makes it enjoyable when students know the fine line.

What band is about.

A school band is a group of student musicians who rehearse and perform instrumental music together.

A school band consists of woodwind instruments, brass instruments and percussion instruments, although upper level bands may also have string basses or bass guitar. The band usually performs at pep-rallies and football games to motivate the players. They also take up marching and concert season, a vital essential in band.

Marching bands often practice frequently during the late summer and early fall and most often attend their school's football games, playing music in the stands, and marching a show during halftime. A show is usually between 6 and 10 minutes long, but many competitions place restrictions on length. Bands often compete in marching band competitions throughout the marching season (typically the same time as football season). Competitions vary in intensity. Some areas have many smaller, local competitions hosted by individual schools.

The differences between Marching season and Concert season.

There is more to band than what meets the eye. They don't just perform every Friday night at football games, they compete individually against other schools.

The difference between marching season and concert season are many.

Marching season is about competing as a group and there's an abundance of physical activity. They perform on a football field in front of multiple judges.

Concert season is about competing individually against other schools from different cities. To be a part of concert band, students have to take a certain test where they memorize their music and perform in front of multiple judges. If they do not advance they do not get a spot in concert band and they remain in marching.

Band is not just a group of 200+ students playing instruments together. Band is a competition, a passion, a way of life.
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Drum Majors and Colorguard Captains after their victory at Capital City Marching Festival in Austin, Texas. Winning best band and colorguard!

Above we see; (left to right)

Colorguard Captain; Stephanie Trevino

Drum Major: Aylin Garcia

Drum Major: Abel Gonzalez

Drum Major: San Juanita Ruvalcaba

Colorguard Co-Captain: Vianney Gonzalez

UIL Region Competition

Saturday, Dec. 12th, 9:15am

8449 FM 471 S

Castroville, TX

Sections in Band

Brass Section

  • French Horns
  • Trumpets
  • Tenor Trombones
  • Bass Trombone
  • Tuba
Woodwind Section

  • Piccolo
  • Alto flute
  • Bass flute
  • E-flat clarinet
  • Basset horn
  • Bass clarinet
  • Contrabassoon or double bassoon
  • Soprano saxophone
  • Alto saxophone
  • Tenor saxophone
  • Baritone saxophone
Percussion Section

  • Keyboard percussion
  • Xylophone
  • Tubular bells
  • Cymbals
  • Snare Drum
  • Bass Drum

2015 - 2016 Football Games & Marching Contests


Fri, Aug 31 Game- Uvalde Eagle Pass SAC

Fri,Sept 7 Game- Martin Laredo

Sat,Sept 15 Game- Laredo Nixon Eagle Pass SAC

Fri,Sept 21 Game- Hondo Hondo

Fri,Sept 28 Game-Del Rio Del Rio

Sat,Oct 6 Pre UIL Contest San Antonio

Fri,Oct 12 Game-Laredo Alexandria Eagle Pass SAC

Sat,Oct 13 Pre UIL Contest San Antonio

Fri,Oct 19 Game- Laredo United South Laredo

Sat,Oct 20 UIL 5A& 4A Marching Contest San Antonio

Fri,Oct 26 Game- Laredo LBJ (Homecoming) Eagle Pass SAC

Thurs, Nov 1 Game- Laredo United Laredo

Fri,Nov 9 Game- Eagle Pass Eagles Eagle Pass SAC

Sat,Nov 10 Veterans' Parade Eagle Pass

Sun,Nov 11 Veterans' Ceremony Eagle Pass Lake