The Effects of Homophobia

By Peyton Makhlouf and Jessie Martin

LGBTQ+ kids are having their health and lives impacted poorly by homophobia.

Homophobia is a way to separate the LGBTQ+ kids and citizens from everyone else by petty discrimination and sometimes even violent acts.

Fenway Health Statistics (

8 out of 10 students have been verbally assaulted because of their sexuality and 4 out of 10 students have been physically assaulted because of their sexuality. 71.3% of students have been called non repeatable terms regarding their preferred gender. 40% of homeless people are LGBTQ+ because of family rejection.

Our Conclusion

Homophobia is affecting LGBTQ+ kids and their health in a negative way. Together we can stop it, and make the world a better, more accepting, place for everyone.

It's ok to be an ally.

It's ok to be gay.