Networked Learning Project Awards

CEP 810

Thank You for an Outstanding Semester!

It's time to celebrate our accomplishments as we dove into "Teaching for Understanding with Technology". Throughout the duration of the course, we have expanded our mindsets about what understanding is and how to help our students best learn through providing 21st Century learning experiences. Using TPACK, we can incorporate technologies (& repurpose them!) to help meet our instructional goals. We are networked and connected so that we can continue our growth and we know how to manage all of it and GTD!

Thank you for your rich participation and discussion! It has been a pleasure to collaborate with all of you as we have watched all of our PLNs grow. Keep in touch on the Twittersphere!

Go Green!

Emily & Candace

West, P. (2013). My "sweet" network learning project [Screenshot of video]. Retrieved June 24, 2013, from:

And the Winner is...