River Song Update

Thank you for your support!

Happy Mid Winter

I can't believe it but we are heading towards the final River Song program of the season. This has inspired me to take a moment to re-cap, share some success stories and to thank you for supporting this venture.

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Small Begginings

We began our season with 6 girls and now have 8 regular participants. River Song is a long term mentorship program that aims to connect girls to nature.

What did we do?

1 part program plan- 100 parts following natural curiosity

From learning to build amazing fires, to making lip balm out of oils that we infused with plants, from pretending to be pioneers for hours in the forest, to making bowls out of clay harvested in the river- the River Song girls learned amazing skills while feeling like they could follow their own inspiration.

Unstructured Play.

Thanks to the nature of this program (being on the weekend and long-term) there is not a lot of pressure to fit things in if they just aren't fitting. For example; I am often determined to work on survival skills, however if they are just obsessed with tracking one day we can capitalize on that and follow coyote trails!

Regardless of where our inspiration lay, we learned a ton, had a lot of fun, and got covered in nature!

Just in case you were curious

here's a list of some things we did in 4 short sessions

  • Team building and low ropes
  • Tracking
  • Plant ID
  • Making tea
  • Primitive pottery
  • Writing
  • Singing
  • Exploring
  • 10 minute fires
  • Successful (and unsuccessful) bowdrill fires
  • Learning about medicinal plants
  • Making healing salves and lipbalms
  • Pine needle hot chocolate
  • Cordage making out of natural fibers
  • Learning about endangered species
  • Games
  • Braving the cold
  • Getting soakers (our choices have consequences)
  • Getting dirty
  • Working with birch bark
  • More singing
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Resilience Building

THE BEST PART!?: Watching the girls grow in their resilience over the months. They trust each other more, they trust their bodies more and they've opened up to nature as more than just a place to visit but as a place that truly belongs to them.

Charm system.

When girls really shine in a particular skill set or attribute they are honored with a charm. These have become not only great incentive for girls to try new things but also a piece of bling that can is worn proudly to show that their part of a club.



Thank you all for your support: be it in trusting me to run this program, or lending space and resources. To those of you who listened to me brag about the girls, or shared your skills to develop the program: thank you. And of course to the parents who sent their kids:


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