Progressive Era

an era of reform and changes from 1900-1920

Progressives Had Diverse Interests and Goals

The Progressive Era was marked by many changes in social, economic, and political areas from diverse perspectives. Conservative Social Progressives worked, successfully, for prohibition while Radical Social Progressives (unsuccessfully) worked for the public availability of contraceptives. Political reforms were instituted at both the the state level (eg initiative, referendum, and recall) and national levels (16th-19th amendments).

Additionally, Progressives of all persuasions ought to use scientific research and knowledge to inform their decisions about necessary changes. At the city level, conservative Progressives used the research of Frederick Taylor (time and motion studies, "Taylorism") to try to create a more efficient and effective factory workplace, taking away worker autonomy.

Also at the city level college educated city managers were hired to take the place of political appointees to scientifically run government.

Diversity in Progressivism