Guatemalan Government

Period A Bullets and Ballots Simulation

Who were The Groups In "Bullets and Ballots"?

Who has the power?

The groups for the Bullets and Ballots Simulation were the Army and Wealthy(200 MSUs), The Guatemalan Government(20 MSUs), The United States(60 MSUs), Peasants and Workers(0 MSUs), and The Guerillas(60 MSUs). At the beginning of the game, the Army and Wealthy had the power with 200 MSUs.

What were some Cooperation and Conflicts in the game?

Guerillas and Army/Wealthy

There were fights with the Guerillas and the Army/Wealthy, and almost every month they attacked each other. During Month One, the Guerillas launched an attack on the Army/Wealthy, catching them off guard and gaining 10 MSUs. Despite that, the Army/Wealthy were still in power with 190 MSUs.

The Peasants/Workers and the Government

The Peasants/Workers were resentful to say the least. They didn't want anything to do with the Government, and they put a President and VP in the running for the Presidency against us. At one point we did have a treaty going, but we didn't see a loop hole and it cost us the Guerillas 70 MSUs when they became Peasants/Workers. After we started the election, the Army/Wealthy gave us their MSUs, giving us the power with 190 MSUs against their 150 MSUs.

What was The USA's Role In the Game?

The United States might not have had the power in MSUs, but in the game the most powerful group had to be the US. Why? They had the influence. If you had the power and they didn't like you, they could shutdown the whole game with one look to the teacher! The US is the most powerful country today, and if they're looking over your shoulder all the time you had better shape up!

How did the power shift?

In the beginning, the power didn't really shift at all. The Guerillas had gotten up to 70 MSUs after a successful attack on the Army and Wealthy, but the Army and Wealthy were still in power with 190 MSUs. The Peasants and Workers didn't change their status of 0 MSUs, and the US didn't intervene, so their 60 MSUs didn't change at all. It was at the end that made everything change. The government and Peasants/ Workers gained 30 MSUs from the US and the Army/Wealthy gave the government all their MSUs, while the Guerillas gave the Peasants/. In the end it came out to the Government having 190 MSUs and the Peasants/Workers having 150 MSUs.

Were the shifts good or bad?

The shifts could be considered both, it depended on the group. When the power was given to the Guatemalan Government, that was extremely good, and gave us influence on some of the other groups. When we got the power, it was bad for the Peasants/Workers, along with the Army/Wealthy, since neither of them were in power anymore. The Guerillas were mostly indifferent, considering they had just became Peasants/Workers after laying down their arms and had disbanded their group. The USA, however, didn't intervene at all. It was good for them because if the Army/Wealthy were still in power they would've shut down the game all together.

How does this relate to me?

This game relates to my daily life because relationships and cooperation/conflict are apparent in my life. Especially in high school. The groups here at P.A. impact my decisions socially all the time. I could become friends with someone, like an alliance, or help my two classmates stop a fight with a spoken agreement, almost like a treaty. This game made me relate to my daily life every 'month' we played it.

Made by Rachel Spellman